May 15, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 15: Delicate Print

Orly Nail Defense
P2 010 little princess (volume gloss gel look polish, 2 coats)
Posca (white)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

I think today’s theme is one of the most difficult one; Delicate Print, for Day15 of 31 Day Challenge.

I did a mani for today, shot pics and edited, now writing a post…but STILL I’m not sure what “Delicate Print” is. Normally when I read/write English I simply think everything by English, but…this just stopped my brain. I even translated into Japanese…and still no clue. There’s no such a word in my dictionary. Funny thing is, if I ask google for “delicate print”, top 10 is ALL the nail blog/posts. Isn’t this hilarious!? It’s the term just for nail designs! :D

BTW when I thought about “delicate print nail design”, I couldn’t find anything else than design lace art. I first tried the lace sticker, but it was not good size for my nail and ruined the base…so I gave up, grabbed the paint brush and posca as usual, and here it is…my first lace art! It’s really NOT like me myself, but why not for sometimes??

15日目、やっと折り返し地点!というところでよく解らないのが来ました「Delicate Print」。何ですかコレ。繊細な模様、ならDelicate Patternですよね。あまりによく解らないのでそういうナニカがあるのかとぐーぐるさんにお伺いを立てたら何と吃驚ネイルブログしか出て来ないという始末。……そもそもこの31日チャレ自体何処のどなたが作ったものか解らないのですが、もし聞けるなら「コレは一体何なのや」とお伺いしたいテーマの1つであります。



  1. Well, this is EXACTLY what a delicate print should be! You did a great work! Beautiful! :-)

    1. Thank you Raggio di Luna!!
      I couldn't find any other options but happy to see you loved it :)

  2. I thought you stamped it! It's just so lovely.

    1. Hahaha no Disiree!
      I couldn't manage with stamping or stickers :P
      But thank you! <3


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