May 16, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 16: Tribal Print

Orly Nail Defense
Dark indigo creme (my franken, 2 coats)
KIKO 335 Ink Blue (1 coat)
Posca (white)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

Here’s my tribal print for Day 16 of 31 Day Challenge!!

Let me introduce you tribal pattern from ethnic minority in Japan, Ainu. They’re indigenous people of Hokkaido area who have unique original culture; different language, different life style, different traditions from Japan. One of their unique tradition is their tribal pattern which is often seen on their clothes as follows;

(Photo taken from 栄通記/Sakaidooriki)

It’s very different from Japanese patterns or any other tribal/traditional patterns, no? ;) But not only the pattern itself, the most unique point of Ainu pattern is its variety; it’s basically constructed by only three units called “Ayus (アィウシ, means thorn, shape like { or } )”, “Morew (モレゥ, means a swirl)”, and “Sik (シク, means eye/knot, shape like a curved diamond)”. All the patterns are made by combination of these three; which means MILLIONS of patterns can be created by yourself.

Anyway off to the mani. I took color inspiration from Ainu’s traditional costumes, which is deep indigo blue. Then I painted the pattern; actually this was the most fun part of all! I just started to place two units symmetrically, then added other patterns and lines…and very interestingly it DOES looks like very ainu-like :D I’m pretty happy I could manage myself to build my own Ainu-pattern!




  1. This is sooo beautiful, well painted!

  2. アイヌ文様とはすごいですね!!!

    1. ネタ切れ起こしかけつつひねり出した結果がこれでしたwいや面白いですよアイヌ文様!本当、適当に(左右対称に)並べて行くと結構それっぽくなるので昔の人の考えることはスゲーなあと感心しつつコリコリ描いてた次第です。ぺんたさんのアイヌ文様も見てみたーい!楽しみにしてますヽ(・∀・ )ノ

  3. Beautiful inspiration and well painted! :-)


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