May 18, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 18: Half Moons

Orly Nail Defense
Jade Magia (3 coats)
Jade Vermelho Surreal (3 coats)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

18th mani for 31 Day Challenge is Half Moons!

My nail bed is not that long so I love one-color half moons with clear base, BUT I’ve never done bicolor half moons which I see pretty often on many nail blog…so well, as usual, why not trying it as it’s today’s theme!?

Actually I’ve reused another mani as a base and simply added half moon by each color to get same color combo for respective finger. It was not as easy as I’ve expected, but finally I could manage it…to add the nice half moon on each root of the nail :) Jade holo is stunning but pretty sheer too (that’s why it has amazing holo effect though), so maybe it was better to use other polish combination…but anyway, I’m in love with THIS particular holo combo <3

さて18日目のお題は「Half Moon」=逆フレンチ!とはいえ見ていると厳密には少々違うようですね。日本で逆フレンチっていうと根元クリアが多いところ、こちらは根元にもしっかりカラーが入っているものをHalf Moonといってるような気がします。とはいえ赤1色根元クリア逆フレンチとかもHalf MoonいってたりするのでやっぱりHalf Moon=逆フレンチという解釈でいいのかなとは思いますが。



  1. Ooooh I love this design! Did you free hand the half moon shape or use a guide? Because whenever I try to free hand, I end up with wonky lines :/

    1. Thank you Sabine!!
      I was TOO lazy to tape it as I freehanded the half moon. Jade's brush was pretty thin so was not that difficult to do...but yeah I had to struggle a bit too :P


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