May 22, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 22: Inspired by a Song

essence carry me home! (Ready For Boarding LE)
essie Blanc (2 coats)
essence absolutely blue (Colour & Go!, sponged)
Gray creme (my franken, sponged)
Index: Posca (Gold/Black/White) + KIKO 616 Silver
Middle: KIKO 626 Silver + Posca (Red/Black/White)
Ring: Posca (Black/Blue/White)
Pinky: KIKO 336 Electric Blue + P2 summer to go! + P2 flirt with me!
essence better than gel nails top sealer

22nd mani is the nail art Inspired by a Song!

So actually it’s NOT a song, it’s much a music, but well why not? Here’s my inspiration, great music from one of my favorite house-techno unit Swedish House Mafia;

ABSOLUT - Swedish House Mafia - Greyhound

Of course I adore the music BUT I MUCH adore the music video itself!! SF dogs, costumes, graphic designs, OMG everything is perfect. I really had to draw this on my nail as the song-inspired mani, and here it is!

Honestly I wasn’t that happy for the result, mainly because I drew hounds in wrong direction (or wrong finger). But my hub LOVED this mani, that as I used peel off base I could peel off entire mani without damage…and what happened? My hub snatched ALL the pieces, stuck to plastic tip and put away in his own storage!! It was so funny to see that…but if my mani could amuse somebody else, why can’t I be happy? ;)

31日チャレ22日目にして連想ゲームシリーズ(と勝手に名づけた)第2弾、本日のネタは「歌」!といいつつ歌というより曲ネタですけどね。さらにいえば曲ネタっつーよりかPVネタですけども。えー、私が愛してやまないテクノハウスユニットの1つSwedish House MafiaのGreyhoundです。犬かわいいよ犬。メカかわいいよメカ。ということでショリショリ描いてみました。



  1. Great mani! It's always difficult to transform a song or music into nail art but you did a great job! :)

    1. Thank you & indeed Chester!
      Not the song itself but MV often gives me better inspiration :)

  2. Chiroさん画ロボ犬凄い!

    1. Swedish House Mafia、今年で解散してしまうということで涙に暮れている今日この頃です(´;ω;`)何でなのー凄い好きなのにー!

  3. Really well done - great interpretation!

  4. Your mani's are so great and inspired, and when I saw your song choice I fell in love! I love the song anyway but isn't the music video just the best? :D Great job!


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