May 25, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 25: Inspired by Fashion

essence carry me home! (Ready For Boarding LE)
KIKO 616 Silver (2 coats)
Posca (Black/Red/Blue/Orange/White)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

25th theme for 31 Day challenge is nails inspired by Fashion!

Now this was a problem. Simply because I don’t have so strong passion for fashion. I do have few favorite designers/brands, but it’s so few; that means it’s very hard to find something stimulate my brain. But finally (and happily) I could find one;

Swatch Bijoux’s Fidraw line. I normally don’t wear accessories but I LOVE the Swatch’s design. Also instead of accessories I wear wrist watch which is ALWAYS a piece from Swatch. I so love Swatch. So…this is it! ;)

KIKO’s silver was perfect for matte silver finish of original piece. Then I painted teardrops using posca ink with fine paint brush. It’s such a simple mani, but final look went pretty colorful and happy! I think this Fidraw design by Swatch was nice to put on as a nail design too ;)


そんな中見つけたのが今回のネタ元であるSwatch BijouxのFidrawです。銀地にマットなしずく模様がかわいい&クール、かつネイルに落とし込みやすそうだ!とまあそんな理由でこんななりました。結果的に思惑通りかわいいメタリックネイルになってくれて満足です。しかしこういうのをやるとデザイナーさんの頭の中の凄さがよく解りますな。とてもじゃないけどこんなの思いつかないよ……(;^ω^)


  1. Really cool! Love the inspiration!

  2. I like the inspiration and I like your manicure! Well done! :-)


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