May 26, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 26: Inspired by a Pattern

essence carry me home! (Ready For Boarding LE)
essie Blanc (2 coats)
KIKO 337 Periwinkle Violet (Pattern)
essence better than gel nails top sealer

26th day of 31 Day Challenge, today’s nail is inspired by a Pattern!

So let’s simply start with where I took my inspiration…

...One of traditional Japanese pattern called “Ya-gasuri (矢絣)” or “Yabane-gasuri (矢羽絣)”. “Yabane (矢羽)” means the feathers on an arrow; so this pattern design is based on the shape of feather. It’s one of very typical and casual pattern, that I’m sure there’s many people who loves this :)

I’ve used zigzag scissors to cut out the masking tape for French tip; which was kinda most hard part for this mani. It didn’t go as sharp as I’ve wished; I think I must use better scissors or ready-made zigzag French tip guide tape to get much sharp pattern. Also first I’ve tried to paint patterns using taping as well which completely failed :( Well, now I found myself for me freehand painting is way much easier than taping…I really respect all the good tape mani creators *sigh*




  1. Such a nice interpretation and so well done!

  2. Brilliant job, your art gets better and better x

    1. Haha thank you Sharon, problem is I'm feeling like "I could do better" :P
      *Runs for her practicing*


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