May 31, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 31: Recreation of the Favorite mani

Orly Nail Defense (Ready For Boarding LE)
China Glaze Love Letters (1 coat)
Catrice Blue Cara Ciao (Turquoise, 2 coats)
Catrice Absolutely Chinchily! (Taupe, 2 coats)
Posca (White/Orange)
Swarovski #1028 ss5 Aquamarine
essence better than gel nails top sealer

YAY for me it’s a final day for 31 Day Challenge!! I’m so happy that I MADE IT!! It was not easy but really great experience :) Now off to today’s (and final) mani…Recreation of the mani I love!!

I have tons of designs I wanted to try out, but this time I decided to stick on the nail design originally made by Japanese nail artists. Also it had to be good design for short nubs (BTW this sudden change gave me a small panic; I had to change from my initial idea *sigh*), and finally I picked up one of the design from Japanese nail studio “atelier+LIM”;

(Photo taken from atelier+LIM’s blog)

Their designs are often very unique, cute and graphical…LOVE THEM! You can see other designs on their blog here :D (Sorry it’s 100% Japanese though) Their designs are ALL made by gels so it wasn’t easy to find one which can be recreated with polishes, but I thought this one above can be the one!

So…not exact but not so bad too, no? ;) Actually I found myself that my hand is getting much stable than the beginning of this entire challenge! I’m not the one who loves practicing, but yes…this entire challenge seemed to be turned out as a very good training for me :) I don’t feel to go for similar hard core daily nail art challenge right now, but…willing to do it again some day later! I need a little break before restarting everything though… :P

わーようやっと最終日まで来ましたよ31日目!もう少しで終わるというところで爪がばっきり折れるというアクシデントに見舞われつつどうにか完走できました凄え嬉しい!!ということで最終日、本日のネタは「好きなネイルアートを真似っこ」ということで散々迷った挙句Atelier+LIMさんのブログにあったデザインを丸っと真似っこさせて頂く事にしました(´∀`) LIMさんのデザインは基本ジェルばかりなので出来るかなー?だったのですが結論としては「やれば出来る」というものになった気がしますw


まあともあれ完走できてとにかくホッとしています。もうしばらくこういう強行ハードコアチャレには手をつけたくないお!( ;∀;)いうことで来月はおとなしく未使用ポリをちまちま使って行く事に集中しようかなあと思っていますHAHAHA(゚∀゚)


  1. It is so cute and well done! :-) Congratulations on finishing your 31-day challenge! :-)

  2. お疲れ様でしたー!


  3. Pinned because this is just too cute for words!

  4. This is adorable! You did an amazing job (I actually prefer your version, shhh don't tell) and congratulations on finishing the challenge x

  5. How did you get your lines so thin?! Really good work!


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