Jun 30, 2013

After 31d challenge…After the break…Now next To-Do

Oh yes oh yes, again I took big break. A MONTH this time since latest post on end of May, without touching anything related on the blog including comment answers (so sorry!!).

So…what happened to me?

First, actually I was burned out. 31 Day Challenge was pretty fun yet really tough. First 10 days were kinda OK…but then it slowly turned into big pressure and stress for me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean I was upset with nail art creation itself; I was just very tired due to its super high pace. I really respect everybody who can change their nail design and post online everyday…with amazing nail arts…that’s totally not my stuff!!

Second, I was busy in my life. Not a big change as moving or others, but…well, I had to drive new project with new people and had to work for organization and administration (I must say German administration SUCKS for some reasons…why I had to wait for half a year for only one single but very important critical letter!?). I was totally stressed out and everyday whenever I go back to the home…there’s no energy left for pic editing, writing and posting…

Yep, during my break I was still painting my nails, not as frequent as before but at least every few days. Above is part of my mani these days; mostly simple few coats without any arts, but they def cheered me up during these stressful tiring days. Pic edits & posting are something else so I couldn’t show these til now, but yes I’ve NOT stopped to play around with my nails! ;)

As many ppl who took the break, now I’m looking for the place I should restart with. I still don’t have so much time & energy for frequent posting, but I really would like to post at least twice a week. So not this month, but from next month, I’d like to restart to post again…and now you can see, here’s part of my to-do list for next several months that I want to go for…

  • Complete couples of unposted posts! I have bunch of photos I’ve took and still not posted yet. I even have some photos that I’ve already edited, uploaded and waiting to be posted on the server!! I DEF have to post these poor swatches…even they’re getting pretty old now.
  • Holothon 2013! Recently Barbara (Barbvanth’s Blog) sent me amazing amount of Brazilian holos and also I’ve bought pretty many holos myself as well. My holo collex has been DOUBLED since last holothon; that means I SHOULD try all the unused ones! Also, you know, summer is a perfect season for holos… <3
  • ABC Challenge! This is the one of the challenge I wanted to do since long time. Problem is my stash is lacking the polishes for several alphabets, but well…I think I can manage by doing some arts or whatever…c’mon my inspiration!! :D
  • Summer nail art challenge…but which one?? As last year I’m willing to do some kind of summer nail art challenge, but still not sure which one should I go for. Actually I’m totally out of network, so I even have no idea if there’s certain challenge available or not. So…dear readers, I need your help; Do you have any recommendation??
  • And finally…I REALLY want to change the template & blog design. I wanted to do this for long time but I couldn’t find the time…and now I seriously feel I NEED to go for it! Also as GFC is going to close tomorrow, I’m even thinking if I’d rather shift to other blog clients like Wordpress; now I don’t see any advantage to use Google Blogger anymore without GFC stuff Kind reader informed me that it’s only Google reader which is going to be closed *phew*…But well, anyway its the time to think about blog organization :)

So…PHEW! OMG I have a lot of stuff I want to do now! It seems really too many to do in once, so I hope I can conduct them one by one…maybe starting with completion of some posts I didn’t have time to work for ;)

えー気づけば1ヶ月放置という由々しき事態に吃驚中なうなChiroです。コメント返しもして無かったよ何してんの自分!……いやですねホントに忙しかったんですよこのところ。IGはおろかTwitterでさえ微妙におろそかになるくらいにはどたばたしてまして。それもこれもドイツの政府機関が怠慢過ぎるからなのですが(超重要な質問状を「送るの忘れちゃってたごめんねテヘペロ☆」とやられたときには本気殺意覚えました)とりあえず一段落つきまして……( ´Д`)=3

で、何処からリスタートすっかなーというところでつらつらとTo Doを書いてみたのが↑です。とりあえず編集やアップロードまでして放置している画像が結構あるのでそいつらを記事化するのと、何よりブログデザインをええ加減いじりたいのでその辺どうにかするのとからスタートですかねと思いつつ。



  1. Oy, I didn't realize GFC will still work within Blogger blogs. I feel pretty dumb! I did a bit of research and there are rumors of Google eventually discontinuing it, though. I wouldn't be surprised if they do make that stronger push towards Google+ in the future... =(

  2. Welcome back! When I did the 31 Day Challenge ages ago I couldn't bear to look at polish for a few weeks, my nails were sooo bad! I really want to do a challenge too but I'm not sure I have the energy for it. I also want to change my blog around but I don't know what to do with it so I'm just leaving it alone for now! It's really good to see you back posting again x

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