Jul 5, 2013

Swatch: Textures with great quality and price; P2 Sand Style nail polishes Part 1

Again, let me say it’s no doubt that sandy-textured polishes are the most hottest trend in the polish world today. After first release from OPI and Zoya, I see TONS of them flooding around…and now, German drugstore brand P2 also launched their own texture polishes named “Sand Style”! When I found these I was already fulfilled with KIKO’s textures BUT to see the shades in bottles and the price…I COULDN’T RESIST to take ALL of them back to home.

So, here they are. All six polishes from P2 Sand Style. NONE of them are matte, all super sparkly, with very unique mix of glitters/sparkly grains. I’m going to show you in two posts, and today is Part 1…

Now ready for Kleenex or towels? I’m SO sure you can drooooooooooool over them…especially when they’re topcoated!


010 adorable

Name says everything, absolutely adorable, sparkly cool-toned baby pink. But what makes this polish very unique is bigger light pink hex glitters mixed in! They add extra sparkle to the polish, it’s so sparkly it almost looks like silver glitters but they’re NOT. So cool but so cute color, I feel even very strange that normally I dislike these kind of colors, but this one is a CLEAR EXCEPTION! :D


020 lovesome

Lovesome is middle-toned magenta with golden sparkles. It already looks great without topcoat BUT I REALLY LOVE it WITH TOPCOAT! It makes golden grains float in magenta base and gives true depth on the look which is so beautiful. Actually I don’t own magenta color that they often don’t see great on my fingers…but again, EXCEPTION ;)


030 seductive

My hubby said this color makes him drool that it simply reminds him of…SWEET POTATOES *lol* But well, I can’t disagree him at all! Seductive is dark and bit smoky purple with red/golden sparkles which again gives really yummy effect on the color. Sparkles looks even a bit holographic on such a dark base color, which was enhanced by a coat of glossy topcoat :)


Formula of these three was great. Or even marvelous. Super smooth and fast drying. I loved its formula even better than KIKO’s. Don’t get me wrong, I still love KIKO’s textures BUT these P2 Sand Styles have extra spice & extra better formula, especially with topcoats!! Topcoat I used here is Seche Vite, which gives much thicker layer than my usual topcoat, essence’s better than gel nail top sealer. I’m a big fan of btgn top sealer BUT I thought I must get few more bottles of Seche Vite someday simply because it covered all bumps much easier…I mean, to give a nice shiny effect you def need very thick topcoat like Seche Vite or use glitter-friendly topcoat.

Anyway today’s three was fantastic, but I must say next three is ALSO fantastic…now please stay tuned ;)




  1. The only P2 Sand polish I have is Confidential, which I adore. After seeing your swatches I think I need to get Lovesome, too. It looks great with topcoat on!

    1. It surely is great with topcoat Sabine!
      I think their shades kinda look a bit boring due to its base colors but its glitters are just AMAZING :D

  2. I've grabbed a few of this collection as well, and I love them just as much as you do :)

    1. I really can understand how and why German girls love this collex;
      They're still pretty often gone from the shelf ;)

  3. They're gorgeous! I wish we could get this brand here.

  4. Great post! I love this finish - it's so quick and easy to apply :)

    1. Thank you Chester!!
      Yeah it has great formula & finish; I can't hate it and still I feel I WANT to wear these as a daily routine :D

  5. These are really pretty with or without a top coat~ thanks for sharing them :)


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