Jul 10, 2013

Swatch: Textures with great quality and price; P2 Sand Style nail polishes Part 2

Sorry for super picture heavy post AGAIN but today is the Part 2 of my swatches for P2’s new texture polishes named Sand Style nail polishes! Following to the previous three polishes, 010 adorable, 020 lovesome and 030 seductive, today’s polishes are latter half of entire collection;

And again, ready for towels? Honestly I took these swatch photos looooooooooooooong time ago but I CAN’T STOP drooling over them…OMG I really want to wear them AGAIN AND AGAIN!! :D


040 illegal

Illegal is very vibrant red with hint of orange with golden sparkles. This one was so hard to capture the real color & finish (that’s why I was yelling I want to change my camera), but still it looks pretty bright and beautiful, no? Also I wore this for 4 days (with topcoat) and got no chip at all…which is not bad and could be same for other shades ;)


050 confidential

This one was the one I REALLY wanted to try since I’ve seen the tip swatch on the display - and that moment it was out of stock - but finally it’s mine, and I must say confidential turned out MUCH prettier than the tip swatch on the shop!! It’s smoky lavender-toned blue packed with holographic sparkles which is totally unusual. I can understand everyone loves this, ME TOO!! :D


060 strict

I think strict is pretty nice shade…cool toned silver-y mauve let finger look clean and sophisticated. It contains bigger hex glitters which makes this shade also pretty much similar to adorable, just it’s mauve instead of baby pink. As some of others I love this one with topcoat! It’s still great itself but topcoat makes color much bold and sexy, I think ;)


Formula of these three was of course great as other three. And shade itself…not all of them are vibrant, it’s much soft toned shades BUT I must say none of them are boring; they’re all very unique colors compare to all the texture polishes which has been released this year from other brands. Great colors, great formula, …and I may not forget to note that these have great price as well which is only 1.95 euros (= around $2.50) for 11 mL. So overall, I’ll say these polishes are spectacular!! I can understand why they’re often being out of stock even months past since first release (happily they’re not LE so what we should do is just wait in patience though).
Only the con I have is very narrow color range so I hope P2 will make MORE shades…yes I’m hoping that…PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!! :P

さて後半3本如何でしたでしょうかー。相変わらずの優秀な液質、かつ前半も含めた全6本の何れも他ブランドには見られない色出しで私大変に満足なのですが、さらに加えてこいつら価格も優秀なのです……何と驚きの1.95ユーロ=約250円。素敵な色素敵な品質素敵な価格で文句などあろうか!いや無い!!(;゚∀゚)=3 もう発売されて随分経つのですが、未だに売り切れてるのをしょっちゅう見かけるのも納得のポリたちで御座います。


  1. confidential、seductive、strictが好みです!

  2. I have the first two and they're simply stunning! Great swatches!


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