Aug 13, 2013

Blog Sale!!

After years of polish shopping I found there’s too many polishes FLOODING around me!! :D
Thus I decided to sell out some of my back-ups which is taking too much of my space. Yes these are my backups, which means they ALL are BRAND NEW, UNOPENED, JUST STORED IN THE HELMER POLISHES. If you’re interested in to be new owner of these poor polishes, read the requirements below and shoot me the order!!


Requirements / 概要

  • FIRST COMES, FIRST TAKES - If you see “PENDING” next to the name that means it’s already taken by someone / 早い者勝ち(品名の横に「PENDING(交渉中)」とあるものは行き先が決まりかけているものです)
  • Payment will be made in Euro (€) via Paypal (if you can’t use “Gift” option please notice it)/ お支払いはPaypalあるいは銀行振り込みで(当方三菱東京UFJ銀行に口座を持っています、円建て価格はお問い合わせ下さい)
  • For secure, first polishes will be individually wrapped with plastic saran wrap -> then wrapped with bubble wrap, 2-3 polishes together -> then packed in Mail Lite padded envelope. If you dislike envelope and want to be sent with boxes, please let me know; I’ve sent more than 30 times to more than 10 countries like this WITHOUT any damage though! / 各ポリは最初ラップでくるみ→次に2・3本ずつまとめてプチプチにくるみ→さらにMail Liteという丈夫な緩衝材入り封筒に入れてお送りします。これで今までポリが壊れたという事は無いのですが、もし万一箱で送ってもらう方がいいという場合はお知らせ下さい。
  • Domestic (Inland Germany) shipping: 3 euros for up to 12 polishes (Maxibrief)
  • International shipping: 6 euros for up to 6 polishes, with tracking number (if you won’t need tracking, please indicate it in the order that I can give you shipping cost WITHOUT it)
  • 国際送料: ポリッシュ6本まで6ユーロ(トラッキング番号付き・不要な場合はお知らせ下さい、その分を値引き致します)
  • If interested, send an email with subject “BLOG SALE” to, with your needs (items + amount) AND your country that I can send you back the total costs including shipping :) / 興味ある方は必要なものの名前および個数を明記の上nailofthisweek@gmail.comにメールして下さい。その際件名を「ブログセール」として頂けると解りやすくて大変助かります。
  • PLEASE NOTE: If payment isn't received within 72 hours without any announcement, the polishes will be free to the next buyer! / 請求後7日以上経っても何ら動きやお知らせが無い場合、アイテムのお取り置きは致しかねますのでご了承下さい。
  • PLEASE NOTE: I’m not responsible for lost/damaged items and custom taxes. Also no return, all sales final!! / 荷物の破損・紛失および関税等には責任を負いかねます。また、ノーリターンでよろしくお願いします。


      ITEMS (ALL BRAND NEW & UNOPENED) / 商品一覧(全て未開封新品です)


      Essence Breaking Dawn LE polishes (DISCONTINUED - 2.5€ each)


      A Piece Of Forever (2 in stock) - Edward’s Love (SOLD)



      Catrice Million Styles LE polishes (DISCONTINUED - 3€ each)


      Godfather Of Pearl (1 in stock) - ¿Holo Qué Tal?! (SOLD)



      Various DISCONTINUED essence / Catrice polishes


      blue addicted (1 in stock, 2€ each) - Sold Out For Ever (SOLD)


      Various DISCONTINUED essence / Catrice / P2 polishes (ALL LAST ONE)


      No Snow Petrol - Wild, Wild West-side - Hunting Heritage - Paris (SOLD) - San Francisco (SOLD) (3€ each)


      powerful emerald - Perfectly good - It’s Purplicious! (SOLD) - Disco disco (SOLD) (2€ each)


      1. Just saw in your instagram the pictures and don't know where to post this: Did you notice that some of the "better than gel nails - fast dry" topcoats are a fail production?

      2. I'm pretty sorry but "FAIL"? What do you mean "fail"??
        Actually I have old ver. of btgn topcoat and I've heard this one is better than other new ones (=fast dry) but actually I didn't notice the difference... :/

        1. Apparently there was a charge where they made a mistake. Several other bloggers commented how badly the new "fastdry" turned out - it wasn't fast dry at all for them, some waited hours, and they got bubbles.
          A few then wrote to essence about their problem, essence researched and they found that one charge was blemished. So far I couldn't find a way to detect the fails other then testing them.
          But you might want to know, essence promised to replace every blemished bottle. You just have to write them the number of the charge you bought from or send them in the bottle to get a replacement.
          So good luck to you, that you didn't get some of the fails!

          Btw. Do you have a replacement for the peel of base coat? I could only get one bottle from sale :(

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