Aug 5, 2013

Essence Gel Nails at Home: First attempt (on nail tips)

Welcome back ladies!
As informed on last post, today I’m going to show my very first attempt…on artificial nail tips. I was a bit afraid to start on with my nail directly - that, especially I couldn’t be 100% sure if gel will be cured in 1 min with their small lamp - so I started with this also to confirm the overall step myself :)


So this is what you need for entire gel mani; Although I didn’t have to use orange stick and cuticle pusher (pink one) this time, it’ll be mandatory to prepare and apply gel directly on your nails.
You also need the cotton or sponge wipe to wipe off excess moistures from the nail before the gel application and also to wipe off the sticky residue (uncured gels) after the gel has been fully cured. I’ve bought thin “lint-free nail wipe” as below but you can also use kitchen sponge (cut in a piece) or lint-free cotton pads or even the piece of kitchen paper towel too :)


Now let’s start step-by-step :)

1) Wipe the nails (or tips) with lint-free wipe soaked with Gel cleanser to remove excess moistures and dusts
1) 爪(あるいはチップ)表面をジェルクレンザーを含ませたワイプでふき取る

2) Apply the primer and let it dry (it dries in LIGHTNING speed)
2) プライマーを塗って乾かす(乾くの超早いですが)

3) Apply the thick and even coat of Peel Off Gel Base and cure for 1 min
3) ベースジェルをひと塗りして1分間硬化

4) Wipe off the sticky residue with cleanser-soaked wipe and apply any polish of your interest
4) 未硬化ジェルをジェルクレンザーでふき取った上で好みのポリッシュを塗る

Note: I used Layla’s Emerald Devine just because it’s one of basecoat & topcoat hater. But well…above & below is only ONE coat over gel, doesn’t it look fine? ;)

5) Wait until polish is FULLY dry and apply the Clear Gel Top Coat, then cure for 1 min
5) ポリが完全に乾くまで待った上でジェルトップコートを乗せ、1分間硬化

6) Wipe off the sticky residue with cleanser-soaked wipe and Voila!! Your gel nail is done :)
6) 未硬化ジェルをジェルクレンザーでふき取って完成!

Pretty simple, isn’t it? :D
I’m pretty happy that I had no problem to apply holo over the gel. Also gel almost did not kill the holo effect (see above: left = gel topped, right = NO topcoat), but I think I failed for final wiping that finish didn’t go so shiny at all. Probably I rubbed too strong or didn’t soak enough cleanser. I hope this point can be improved while I’ll try on my nail…Yep, next time I’ll try on my nail so I can see the formula/durability/speed/difficulty/etc myself :D I’m so curious how it works on my nails!!



  1. Nice! I'm curious to see how it will work on your nails! :-)

  2. You did great on this first attempt. When I first tried it, it was really not that good. You did a great job.


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