Aug 2, 2013

Essence Gel Nails at Home: Product Preview

Who was waiting for new REAL Gel nail system from essence!?
IT’S ME!!!!!

Today I’m going to show my recent haul from essence. Essence has been selling very nice gel-like polish system named “better than gel nails”, but now they’ve decided to launch their own REAL gel nail system! It’s called “Gel Nails at Home” and above is what I’ve bought from them; the starter kit (9.99 euros, below) and the LED lamp (24.99 euros, above).


Now let’s start with starter kit. There’s two different kits available; one with clear top gel and another with “French” top gel (I think it’s flesh pink color gel) and I bought one with clear top. In the box you can find the instruction (not in the photo) and four bottles as above - Peel-off base gel, clear top gel, primer and gel cleanser. Gel bottle is a bit small that it only contains 7ml. Primer is only 8ml too, but I’m sure I can’t complain to think about its super feasible price (2.99 euros for gels and 2.49 euros for primer).


Now let’s go for the lamp because THIS was the stuff I really couldn’t find any info around. As written before it’s only 25 euros which is very cheap…or rather too cheap…compare to normal LED or UV lamps we can get on the market. I was even a bit afraid that probably this lamp would be a crap; but no worry, I’ll say “it’s not the best lamp BUT still good to have” due to its price, size and quality.

So here’s the lamp. With the first look you’ll see when you opened the box, nicely wrapped up with the bubble wrap. It’s also wrapped with clear thin plastic wrap to keep lamp super clean, but before the use anyway I think it’s better to remove them.


Above is the back of the lamp; and now you can see there’s another switch from the button on the top. Back switch is the main switch and button is the timer switch, so first you must turn on the main switch and then hit the button to turn on the UV-LED. Button switch has a timer function that LED will be on for 60 sec which is compatible for their gel and then it automatically switches off. This timer function is not always attached for cheap nail lamp as this, so I think essence’s lamp is already very valuable for its price :D


One small con for this lamp is the LED. They’re cheap normal power LED which is now only used for very cheap lamps. Well this lamp itself IS very cheap lamp so I could imagine & understand why this normal LED has been used here. Nowadays LED used for nail lamp are mostly high-power chip-type LEDs which cures most of gels in 10-30 sec…which is way faster than essence’s set. But well, I still think this lamp is totally worth to spend for especially if this one will be your very first UV lamp :)

Now time to try out, right!? I’ve first tried on plastic tips for practicing & to see how it works…and it’ll come on next post :) I’m going to try on directly on my nails pretty soon and will post about it as well…so STAY TUNED!! ;)



  1. I´m very curious about your opinion on this. I personally was very interested but will not buy it because the procedure of getting the Gel off of your nails seems to be rather damaging (at least I´ve seen this on many blogs).

  2. Wow, I think it's fantastic that essence has their version! It's nice that the lamp is so cheap, I think that's the main thing holding people back from trying DIY gels at home.


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