Dec 31, 2013

#094: Let Me Celebrate the End Of 2013 with Imperial!

Orly Nail Defense
China Glaze Love Letter (1 coat as base of french)
piCture pOlish Imperial (3 coats)
Catrice Quick Dry & High Shine Top Coat



Ooooooooh piCture pOlish, I don’t have ANY brand as you that I feel strong LOVE & HATE!

I definitely HATE this brand simply because it hurts my wallet A LOT by numbers of unique gorgeous LOVELY shades and a-bit-out-of-my-limit price. Yes it’s killing me that I WANT to own every single shade - which is not easy to do - and while I got ready to get some then other NEW lemmings pop up because of their fast launching cycle… AAAAAAAH!!!!!

Anyway piCture pOlish turned into such a “special” brand on 2013 for me, therefore I wanted to try out one of biggest lemming I’ve killed from their line; Imperial, which is produced by Jeanette from The Swatchaholic.



So…yes. Imperial. Made by The Swatchaholic. It’s official that I’m huge fan of her and her blog, seriously it was one of the first blogs which pulled me into online nail polish community - and introduced me everything about German polishes and helped me A LOT to seek beautiful nail polishes around here. I loved her taste of nail arts, therefore for me there’s no doubt that her creation will be ultra-fabulous…and YES IT IS!!!!!



What I REALLY LOVE is it’s semi-matte finish after drying - I seriously wanted to finish with NO topcoat - but today I did french tip with a bit glossy nail bed, so I gave a coat of topcoat. Also I’m feeling bad that I couldn’t capture the real color. I knew it’ll be super hard to snap the image because it’s neon purple, the color that most of camera - even the DSLR - hates. It turned into very blue-ish tone in my camera (and while I’ve fixed the tone closer to actual color then golden glitter color has been washed out :((( ), but well I hope you still can get an idea how this shade is pretty!



So now I hope you’ve enjoyed my 2013 posts - even it stopped on some moment, when I was in serious condition, but yeah I finally could come back!! - and I also hope you’ll also enjoy my 2014 posts as well! I’m pretty sure it’ll be WAY MUCH BUSIER THAN THIS YEAR though…I’ll try my best :) Thanks for 2013 and hope seeing you again on 2014, have a great holiday ladies!! ;)



えー2013は酷い忙しさ…というより酷いストレスであまり更新できなかったのですが、まあ最後くらいはね、という方向で。2013年最後のポリはpiCture pOlishのImperialです。いやーpiCture pOlishにはヤラレましたねー。最初何だコレ高え手ェ出せねえ、と思ってたんですが買い始めたらあれあれあれという状態で、今も何本かWish Listに入ってる&新しいラインが出るたび順調に追加されて行っている有様。あかんですな。それもこれもBlogger Collaboration Lineが悪い!といいたいのですがまぁ大体皆欲しい色・魅かれる色は同じいう事ですかね。ああ畜生。





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  1. Chiroさん明けましておめでとうございます。こんにちは。

    Imperial は 個人的なwishlistに入っています。




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