Dec 23, 2013

grfC Day10: Christmas Party!

Orly Nail Defense

essie blanc (2 coats)

essence Top of the Ice-Stream (2 coats)

China Glaze Glittering Garland (ring, 2 coats)

Akcent Direct Gold liner

Swarovski #2028 ss9 Light Siamese / ss5 & ss7 Emerald / ss7 Light Topaz

Nail Labo studs 1mm Gold

Nail For All Round glitter Red

Gold metal star-shaped frame

KIKO gel look top coat



YAAAAAY now I’ve reached to the goal, today as last day of getting ready for Christmas challenge is themed as “Christmas Party”!! So as it’s final day I wanted to go for fancy festive Christmas-y mani, therefore I used pretty many stones, metal parts, studs, glitters and so on…which was definitely VERY FUN for me!!



This mani made me super happy and excited, except sparkles of Top of the Ice-Stream was sooooooooo camera shy that I could hardly capture any of them! It appeared really pretty IRL though, which reminded me of great white Christmas with bit of diamond dusts.

Now Christmas is here; I hope you’ve enjoyed my first ever Christmas mani collection! Also now I’m thinking what should I wear after Christmas - as I’m Japanese, actually new year is as important as (or even MUCH important than) Christmas - well, I still have bit of time to think of right? ;)



さて来ましたよクリスマスチャレ最終日、「Christmas Party!」ということでがっつりクリスマスネイル行ってみましたよ!よく考えたらこんなにストーンやらスタッズやら丸ホロやらメタルパーツやら諸々くっつけたの初めてだーいうことでこさえてて超楽しかったです。季節ネタはあまりやる方じゃないのですがこうやってみると楽しいもんですな!10ネタやって来ましたが楽しんで頂けてたならいいなーと思いつつ。





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  1. Really pretty! I love all the details in this manicure. I guess using "real" rhinestones does make a difference. May I ask where you got those studs? (please don't say Japan, lol)


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