Dec 6, 2013

Grfc Day2: Glitter Overload

Pa Peel-off base coat

P2 Eternal (1 coat)
P2 go dangerous! (2 coats)
piCture pOlish Starry Night (1 thin coat)
Models Own Disco Inferno (only on ring)

essence better than gel nails top sealer


2nd theme of get ready for Christmas challenge is “glitter overload” which made me think about for seconds. First, I’m NOT a glitter bomb lover - this is OFFICIAL, yes - so I don’t own so much “glitter overload” polishes, and second, I again had to think about a color. Something not overlapping with further theme, and what I can do with polishes in my stash…and now it’s here!



I’m quite happy that I could use Models Own’s Disco Inferno on this mani. It’s one of my favorite, and one of most glittery polish in my stash, but I couldn’t find neat way to wear on myself. I’m also happy that layering with PP Starry night and P2 go dangerous! went pretty good! In the end, I think it turned into pretty festive mani…no? ;)



さて24日までそんないう程日も無いのでばんばん行きますよ2日目「Glitter Overload=ラメぎっちり」!




長らくModels Ownのラメごちゃーを使いたいんだけども一体どうすればと思ってたので存分に使えて非常に満足です(;゚∀゚)=3ムッハー



  1. I really like this combinations, pretty. :)

  2. My goodness, this is the most awesome mani EVER!

    1. Oooooooooooooh no no no that's too much yours is also super awesome!!
      But thank you Elsa <333

  3. Such a gorgeous layering! I love Disco Inferno too and you actually inspired me so I used it in my red and gold mani. Love your nail shape, btw.

    1. It's so funny to say that I first thought of layering with glittering garland then found YOURS which stopped me to do it :P But therefore your comment means a lot for me, thank you Mihaela!!


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