Dec 11, 2013

grfC Day4: Red and Gold

Orly Nail Defense

Seche Red (3 coats)

Golden Nail stickers

KIKO gel look top coat



Getting ready for Christmas challenge Day 4 is “Red and Gold”.

Well because color “red” itself is coming alone later, and I also used golden glitter & metallic gold already in previous manis, I’ve decided to go pretty simple this time…



Very plain red creme with golden stickers. I’ve bought these stickers when I went back to Japan in October, and now I’m already thinking “why didn’t I get some backups!?” :P It’s made with clear soft rubber so it sticks on the nail and fit to the curve VERY well; that one coat of thick topcoat was enough to cover it completely to make it smooth. This kind of sticker can be one of really good solution for the nail art, no? ;)



クリスマスチャレ4日目、「Red and Gold」であります。まあ赤単独で後に来るしゴールドは大粒ラメもメタリックも両方既に使ってるので今回はシンプルに行きますかーとマット赤をさらっと塗った上でシールで飾ってみました。しかし日本の100均シールは優秀ですな。何気に日本製ですしな。下手なウォーターデカールより印刷ちゃんとしてるしトップコートでちゃんと埋まるしエライです。もっと買って来ればよかったなー。






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