Dec 15, 2013

grfC Day5: Blue and Silver

Orly Nail Defense

China Glaze Love Letters (1 coat)

essence frozen queen (silvery white, 3 coats)

Catrice Godfather of Pearl (iridescent shimmer, 1 thin coat)

essence I’m a Marine Girl (navy blue, 2 coats)

Golden Rose Silver glitter liner

KIKO gel look top coat



Today’s mani is for 5th theme of getting ready for Christmas challenge, “Blue and Silver”.

Since I’ve seen this theme I wanted to use shimmery navy blue, one of my favorite polish color + finish but which I haven’t used for ages, and also silver glitter liner which I thought it’ll be great to make the mani festive. Then I found silvery white in my stash; so why not combining all these?



Maybe I had to use masking tape for sharp line but I was too lazy to do it :P In the end this mani has turned into one of my hubby’s favorite mani, that he asked me if I can redo this for actual Christmas eve!! :D



クリスマスチャレ5日目、赤と金の次は「Blue and Silver」であります。まあ冬ネイル鉄板の組み合わせですな。となるとやっぱりネイビーじゃね、あとラメラインじゃね、ということでこんななりました。白パール色はわたくし一番使えない(というか使いこなせる気がしない)色でして、故に絶対持ってるワケねーと思ってたら普通にポリ収納庫に鎮座ましていたという。阿呆みたく買う癖というのも時にはヘルプしてくれるもんですな<?






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