Dec 17, 2013

grfC Day6: Snowflakes Manicure

Orly Nail Defense

piCture pOlish Freya’s Cats (2 coats)
piCture pOlish Starry Night (ombre)

Snowflake stickers

KIKO gel look top coat



About a week left for the Christmas, now the 6th theme of getting ready for Christmas challenge!! Today’s theme is “Snowflake mani”; and first I thought to do it by stamping/freehanding, but in the end I’ve reached to the cute stickers I could find at my local euro shop <3



Unfortunately sticker quality wasn’t so good as I’ve expected, but still pretty cute, no? :)

Also I’m very happy that thin layering of Starry Night over Freya’s Cats made really smooth and sparkly ombre mani so easily; it was so gorgeous that I couldn’t resist to get a shot before I’ve applied stickers! :D



クリスマスまであと1週間強というところで6日目、「Snowflakes manicure=雪の結晶ネイル」であります。当初はスタンプかフリーハンドで行こうと思ってたんですが偶然地元の安売り店で雪の結晶のネイルシールを見つけまして、こりゃー使わねばなるめえよということで今回のネイルに使ってみた次第です。



しかしpiCture pOlishのこのキラキラ虹色フレークシリーズはマジでキレイですなー!どう考えてもTiNSの美細ラメと同じでありながら「うちが元祖!」とかいっちゃってるあたりは若干モニョモニョしなくはないですがwww



  1. Pretty! I adore snowflake shapes, and those two blues are to die for! (no wonder I just ordered one of them?) <3

  2. I love Freya's Cats (and other cat my own including) - and it's the perfect base for snow flakes :)

  3. This looks heavenly! Freya's Cats is a big lemming of mine and I love snowflakes!


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