Dec 18, 2013

grfC Day7: All I want for Christmas…

So on 7th day of getting ready for Christmas challenge, it doesn’t say anything for nail or makeup…but the WISHLIST!

Honestly I haven’t built the particular wishlist for the Christmas, but well, here I’d like to open a few of them which I’ll be SUPER happy if I could find underneath the Christmas tree or in the stocking… :P


チャレ7日目は「Christmas Wishlist」、すなわちこんなのプレゼントされたらサイコー!というものを選べっつう話ですな。まあ実のところプレゼントはもう決まっちゃってるのですがw、他にも常日頃から欲しいなーと思ってる中で数点選んでみた次第です。



Now let me add few words for each of stuff on the pin board :)



1) One of this year’s best polish for me was Ludurana’s Supernovas. Though now there’s many indies making holographic multichromes, I believe this collex was the first in the world! I’ve got three out of six by help of super lovely Barbara@Barbvanth, but now I have a serious problem…that I need MOAR!! :P


2) Do you remember huge panic beyond UK’s Royal mail which happened early this year? It was horrible right? Because of this reason a England is now a bit far away to reach, and therefore I still don’t own their Burne-Jones Dream collex, the great dark holos from 2013! *sob* :’(


3) I’m still looking around for my holy grail topcoat…especially because my (or even OUR) holy grail essence’s better than gel nail top sealer has been discontinued *sob sob* :’( I’m trying out few of new stuff now, but still want to try other’s holy grail such as Glisten & Glow’s HK girl top coat.


4) These are something now sitting on the top of my everyday wishlist; Dance Legend’s New Prism collex! I’m much willing to get these; Only the reason I’m hesitating to grab these are I’m not sure how long does it take to arrive here from Russia. BTW I hope these won’t get discontinued before I’ll reach to them…


5) I’m still struggling for the lighting and shooting environment during taking swatch/mani pics. One of the item which caught my mind recently is the light box with the built-in lamps. Above is just an example, I’m still looking around which one will be great, but yes I’d like to have one of these someday.


6) Finally, small lens for my…no, my hubby’s camera. Sometimes we share the camera because some case his camera shoots better pic than mine (even compare to my new baby). However he doesn’t own bright lens which can be used for close-ups or dark place; so this is the one.


Of course these are much like “nail polish & blogging” wishlist so I have other stuff too; but well why not for these on this moment? Now have you decided your Christmas gifts? What’s yours? ;)


  1. I'm SURE Santa will read you list :)

  2. Have you tried the "new" Btgn Top Sealer High Gloss? I don't find it any different than the first version, so I'm glad it's still around.

    I hope your wishes come true :))


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