Dec 19, 2013

grfC Day8: Christmas Red

Orly Nail Defense

Seche Red (creme red, 2 coats)
China Glaze Ruby Pumps (red glitter, 3 coats)

P2 Eternal (black, 1 coat)

Silver metal square frame

KIKO gel look top coat



Now the red! Yes 8th theme of getting ready for Christmas is RED!! Not the normal red, it’s Christmas red; and this means only one single polish ever for me, yep everyone’s favorite festive red, China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps!!



Since I bought it every Christmas was the time for this particular polish. I enjoy very nice thick coat of this deep sparkly red glitter every time whenever I wear, of course even this time too!! But wait a moment this is the part of “Challenge” that means I had to do something else from simple coat…so here I’ve added small spices :) I know there’s many girls doing this sort of “Santa’s coat” mani, but it’s too cute to avoid it right!? :D



クリスマスチャレ8日目、いうことで来ましたよ「Christmas Red」!クリスマスで赤っつったらもうこれしか無いでしょうということでごってりRuby Pumps使ってみましたー!実はRuby Pumps買って以来クリスマスには必ずこれを塗っていまして、なのでこれ以外考えられなかったというね。とはいえべた塗りでは面白くねーということでちょっと捻ってはみたのですが如何なもんでしょーか。






  1. I totally agree that this is the perfect Christmas red. I finally got it too this year and love it a lot. Santa's belt is so cute!


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