Dec 21, 2013

grfC Day9: Christmas Movie Inspired

Orly Nail Defense

P2 perfectly good (index, 2 coats)

P2 heartbreaker + P2 summer to go! (middle, mixed then 2 coats)

P2 Eternal (ring, 2 coats + gradient)
P2 dating time (pinky)

Posca (gold)

KIKO gel look top coat



Hey I’m almost reaching to the goal, today is 9th day for getting ready for Christmas challenge! Today’s theme was the most hardest ever for me; “Christmas Movie Inspired”. Why the hardest ever? First, I’m NOT a movie (or even a TV drama) fan. Second, I don’t have any habit to watch particular Christmas movie! So actually almost nothing inspired me; except one Japanese animation movie, “Tokyo Godfathers”, which I took an inspiration today.



If you need an idea of this “minor-major” movie, see here (wikipedia) or here (IMDb). I took color inspiration from coat of three main casts = “godfathers”, and the official logo which has been designed by the director Satoshi Kon’s wife. Pardon my poor clean-up; but I’m satisfied for the finish particularly for the logo. As I love Satoshi Kon’s animations, I’m also happy that I could create something dedicated to his art as well!



クリスマスチャレも終盤に入りましたよの9日目!9日目は「Christmas Movie Inspired」……って映画ほとんど見ない人間にどうしろと。ぱっと思いつくのは大体やられてるし本当にどうしろと。というところでふと思い立ったのが今回のネタである「東京ゴッドファーザーズ」です。今は亡き天才監督である今敏氏の傑作クリスマスアニメ映画です。このロゴが好きでねえ。全体のトーンが渋いアニメなのでネイルも少々渋めになりました。でもこういう感じだよね、と思いつつ。






  1. As usual, I love the original inspiration you chose. And I love the nails too! The gradients came out great and the logo is just amazing. You have great skills!

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