Jan 13, 2014

BusyGirlNails challenge Week 1: Teal

Orly Nail Defense

essence Life is a Freeride (index, 2 coats & pinky, 1 coat)

H&M Lady Luck (middle, 2 coats)
Jade Energy (ring, 3 coats)

essence Glorious Aquarius (old ver; pinky, 1 coat)

Barry M Aqua glitter (pinky, 1 coat)

KIKO gel look top coat



This is my first attempt for Busy Girl Nails challenge! Woohoo! I always wanted to try this whenever I’ve seen ladies going for it on previous one (or two), and but always too late to join in…BUT! NOW! I’M! IN! :D

So first week is for color “Teal”, so I’ve decided to go for “Teal-only-skittle” with different finishes on each finger.



BTW is it right to call this kind of mani as “skittle”? Cause I thought “skittle mani” is with totally different colors on each finger, no matter which finish is but different COLOR. This time I’ve made the color (almost) the same but different finish…



Anyway this time I found I don’t own teal CREME in my stash, which is good to know to add in near future :P



さてBusy Girl Nail Challengeというのがありまして、夏・秋あったのは知ってたのですが参加しようと思ってたらもう日がだいぶ過ぎてた!で参加し損ね……というのが続きようやく!ようやく初参加ですよー!「Busy Girl」というタイトルの通り週1でのチャレンジなのでのんびりやって行こうと思います。






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