Jan 20, 2014

BusyGirlNails challenge Week 2: White

Orly Nail Defense

P2 Heartbreaker (2 coats)

Posca (White)

essence better than gel nail top sealer



Another week, another mani for Busy Girl Nails challenge! Theme for 2nd week is color “White”, which made me to think a lot cause I did pretty much of “white mani” last month during Christmas challenge, BUT I didn’t want to do something same or similar - or just one single color mani? NO THANKS that’s swatch - so finally I’ve reached to the idea to paint lace pattern on the nude color, which I may can say “white mani” :)



Actually it was SO hard to paint even I’ve followed this Japanese tutorial, which is def the best lace mani tutorial EVER (well I used paint brush with Posca ink so that might be the reason I had a super hard time though) and not that satisfied at all in the end, but it still looks fine if you won’t go very close right? :P



Even though I’m not 100% satisfied on the result it was still good occasion to practice & try some of new stuff - like which topcoat is the best in my stash for posca paint, for example use of Catrice’s Quick Dry topcoat turned into HELL and had to redo all :( - and hope I can revenge it soon, maybe with other colors! :D



さてBusy Girl Nail Challenge 2週目、今回のテーマは「White」!ってクリスマスチャレの時に結構やりきった感があるのでどうすれば状態だったのですがこんななりました。ヌードカラーに白レース、凄くいい日本語チュートリアル見つけたのもあって一度やってみたかったんだー!



……まあ結果はKonozamaですけどねHAHAHA orz どあっぷにしなきゃ大丈夫!とかいいつつどあっぷ載せてるけどね!いや本当大変だったー……大体チュートリアルではペン使えっつってるけど不透明度ばっちりな極細白ペンなんてねーわけですよ。なので筆で頑張るしか無かったというね。そしてちまちま必死に頑張った挙句最後にトップコートかけたら






↑ちなみに今のところ一番相性いいのはessenceのbetter than gel nailのHigh Glossの方。廃番になる前に買占め決定ですええ(`・ω・´)



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