Jan 27, 2014

BusyGirlNails challenge Week 3: Glitter

essence carry me home! peel off basecoat

essence kalinka beauty absolut blue (1 coat)

P2 lost in glitter polish love dramatic! (1 coat)

P2 lost in glitter polish be cool! (1 coat)
P2 lost in glitter polish be divine! (1 coat)
P2 lost in glitter polish go crazy! (1 coat)

KIKO gel look top coat



I seriously think I was really right to choose this weekly challenge to keep on track for blogging; I mean, A WEEK FLIES AWAY SO FAST!! D:

Anyway 3rd mani (= 3rd week) for Busy Girl Nails Winter Challenge is not a color but a finish; GLITTER. 



It’s no doubt that glitter is one of girl’s best friend. I know there’s a lot of people who get crazy for sparkles.

...Me? Ah, it’s hard to say…I’m not hating it, but I’m not so in love. However, sometimes there’s an exception - as ALWAYS - I’m totally in love for P2’s lost in glitter polish line that I own ALL of them!! So today’s mani is glitter layering I’ve done with mix of several shades from them <3



Doesn’t this look gorgeous?

Each polishes dried pretty fast which helped for layering! I hoped teal base on be divine! to be much stronger but well I can put similar color underneath right? All and all I love P2’s glitter and I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to get them whenever new shades will get released <3




さてBusy Girl Nail Challengeチャレ3日目、テーマは「GLITTER」!……ってこのラメそんなに好きじゃない人間にどうしろと。って前クリスマスチャレのときにも同じようなぼやきをしていたような。うーんラメポリとかってあんま無いぞー、と思ってたのですが以前店先で一目惚れ→ライン一揃いで買うだけ買って放置していた(!)のがあったのを思い出してさっくり使ってみましたよー!





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