Feb 3, 2014

BusyGirlNails challenge Week 4: Blue

essence carry me home! peel off basecoat

TiNS Marcury (3 coats)

essie blanc (filled in the metal sticker)
3D flower-shape gold metal sticker

KIKO gel look top coat



Another week, another mani; 4th week of Busy Girl Nails Winter Challenge is for a color again, now it’s about BLUE…



So now let me introduce one of the great polish masterpiece from Japan, TiNS’s Mercury!!




I’ve never seen such a glittery-yet-squishy finish on any other polishes, its just so beautiful! It’s sparkling SO MUCH that I was even thinking to use this for previous mani (“Glitter” mani for week 3) but well I’m also happy I’ve left this polish for this time :) Actually I was not so into TiNS’s glitters (despite of its HUGE popularity in Japan), but after trying this NOW I NEED MOAR…Oh god I can hear my wallet is already crying :P



Busy Girl Nail Challengeチャレも4日目、今回のテーマは「BLUE」……となるともうこれ以外何も思いつきませんでしたの皆大好きTiNSのMercuryでっす!!いや本当のところ前回の「Glitter」なときに使おうかとも思ったのですが他の案が出ましたしという事で今回の使用になりました。10月に買ってずっと取って置いてたの、やっと使えた!凄い嬉しい!!







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