Feb 12, 2014

BusyGirlNails challenge Week 5: Valentine’s Day!

Orly Nail Defense

P2 Little Princess (2 coats)

Seche Red (2 coats)

Posca (Red & White)

essence better than gel nail top sealer



Sorry being bit late, but here comes the last mani of Busy Girl Nails challenge! As 14 of February is coming this week, why not for this very seasonal theme: Valentine’s Day!? :)



I think this is the first time to try Valentine’s day mani (AGAIN…yep I’m not “event-lover” person :P) so it made me thiiiiiiiiink about it a lot. In Japan we have a big tradition to give chocolate to your BF/hubby/whoever GUYS from girls, but actually I wasn’t that kind of one…so no chocolate here, but instead why not for heart patchwork ;)



I think I could do better for ring finger but overall I love it! It’s not my style, it’s totally too girly for my usual taste BUT I couldn’t dislike it…it IS indeed so cute! Maybe this is the first pink mani I ever love, and stitch pattern went so lovely; and what even made me much happy is this mani turned into the best mani ever for my lovely sweet hubby <333 Yep, such a great valentine!!



さてついに来ましたBusy Girl Nail Challenge最終週、今週はまーさーに!決戦は金曜日!(古)いうことで「Valentine's Day」でっす!!







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