Mar 7, 2014

Swatch: KIKO’s Cupcake Nail Lacquer is HERE!

After the HUGE year of texture polishes, we now find almost every kind of texture polishes everywhere. Pastels, bolds, neons, sparkles, pearls…now what’s next? I think KIKO provided us one of the answer for next generation of texture polish - polishes named “Cupcake Lacquer”, which is the texture polish with MULTIPLE colored grains!!



Cupcake lacquer collection holds 8 10 shades (yes they have TEN! I mistook it, thank you telling me Simona!!) in line, but I only grabbed two of  them which I fell in love immediately. It’s just because even they looks SO cute in bottle, I couldn’t be sure if it’ll look good on my nail. I thought OK I can start with two of them, and then add more if I would love…and well, actually my conclusion is I MIGHT GET ALL THE REST next time!! :P

So today I’m showing only two polishes, but I’m sure you can see how cute they are <3


去年阿呆ほど流行ったテクスチャ系、もういい加減あらゆる色や系統出揃ったやろ思ってたらやってくれましたよKIKO!Cupcake Lacquerいう名前でマット系多色粒子入りザリザリ出して来ました!これがね、ボトル見たら某m.d.a.ジェルを思い起こさせる感じで、m.d.a.ジェルも同じくザリザリだっていうし要するに同じコンセプトじゃね!?みたくなりましてとりあえず8本違った10本!中真っ先に心奪われた2本を回収して来ました。これがねえ、思ってた以上にかわいくて、凝った感じの仕上がりになって、本当に素敵なのですよ……!

647 Gelsomino






Gelsomino (= “Jasmine”) is ivory creme texture with orange/cyan/burgundy grains. It really look so creamy…and actually YUMMY *lol* that it reminded of certain kind of ice cream for me and even for my hubby. Orange grains look a bit more vivid IRL and on my taste I wanted them to be a bit more pale, but still it’s really cute. I like it better with topcoat but it also look great without it (I anyway would like to topcoat it because I’m pretty afraid of those rough grains can fall off quite easily).







653 Glicine






Glicine (= “Wisteria”) is actually not wisteria but more light steel blue - periwinkle creme texture with orange/cyan grains. This one was the one which caught my eyes at first in entire collection!! It’s pretty interesting that orange grain doesn’t float up from the base color on this shade IRL (unlike Gelsomino), but still giving nice accent on it. Honestly I love this with topcoat better than without it; rough blue surface with multicolor grains just reminds me of floam-like whatever cheap foamy something :P







These are all two coats, and topcoated with KIKO’s gel look topcoat or Seche Vite. I think this is slightly more grainy than their first textures (Sugar mattes), that even after three coats of KIKO’s gel look topcoat I could still notice grainy surface. Also to cover all grains up, maybe Seche Vite is the best choice; I’ve tried essence’s better than gel nail top sealer, essence’s gel look topcoat, Catrice’s gel look topcoat, KBshimmer’s  Clearly on Top and Seche Vite along KIKO’s gel look topcoat, and Seche Vite was ONLY the topcoat which easily could cover all up with smooth surface. Also for me brush is bit too fat, which made the application a bit tricky…but still formula itself is marvelous so I could easily manage in the end.

Anyway all in all it’s really cute-looking polish with great formula in affordable price (4.90 EUR), I’m looking forward to play around for nail art and also to get all the rest; I’ve heard this is kinda limited edition but strongly hope it’ll stay in shop as long as they can!!


さてスウォッチした後もやっぱりm.d.a系だよなあとの思いを断てない感じなのですが如何でしたでしょーか。色展開は違いますが(m.d.a effectはもっとダークめ&粒の色が基本的にベースと同系色)かなり似ていると思うのですが。今回買わなかった色にはベースと同系色の粒がぎっしりなのもあるので今度買おうと思っています。あと茶色系が無かったのがなーちょっと残念かな。でも同じじゃ面白くないですしね。

あとm.d.a effectは粒が粗くてジェルで埋めるのが結構大変!というコメントをちらほら見るのですが、これ実はこのポリにも共通する部分だったりします。うまく粒を全体に散らすためなのか、明らかに前出ていたテクスチャ系より粒が粗いのです。なのでトップコートで埋めるの結構大変だった!最終的には普段ほとんど使わないセシェにご登場頂きましたよ。でもつるりんとなった後の感じは本当にかわいくて、特に遠目で見ると本当にかわいくて!なのでこの用途のため だけ にセシェのプロキット買うかどうするか真剣に悩んでいるところですw




  1. The Cupcakes are 10, not 8! I really like Gelsomino but my faves are still mint and anise :)

  2. I love textured nail polishes, I have many Kiko Sugar Mat textured polishes, and now I fell in love with this Cupcake collection :-) I hope to get some of them soon! :-) Also I like Glicine and I could take mint and anise, like Simona :-)

  3. m.d.a effect、名前は知りませんでしたが画像検索してなるほど、あのゴマ入りクッキーみたいなやつかぁ!Cupcakeって名前がまた可愛いですね、KIKO。Chiroさんがおっしゃるようにトップコート有りが好き(゚∀゚) ちょっと私には可愛すぎるのでもっとダーク系出して欲しいです♡

  4. Oooooh, how cute are those?! They remind me of the NOPI Roughless polishes. *heads over to the Kiko website*

  5. やっぱり可愛い・・・可愛すぎる・・・!!
    m.d.a effectが出た時から実はこっそり虜になっていた私です《爆》


  6. Chiroさん、はじめまして!
    すごいかわいいポリッシュだったので、おもわずコメしちゃいました(^ ^)

  7. These look really good with some top coat on! I hope I'll be able to grab some before they're gone.

  8. They look really pretty with the topcoat! Your nails are beautiful x

  9. So nice article, glad to read this post, thanks so much!

  10. I too agree that this is the kind of stuff Mozilla should work with.


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