About me...

Hello all the nail addicts! Welcome to my blog!!

I am Chiro.
I'm a Japanese girl (oh GIRL!? no, no) currently living in Germany! After a while seeking floods of nail art blog world wide, finally I decided to share my small pleasure with everybody, as much as I can. Now I'm really excited to have a chance to talk with people in whole world who have same pleasure/hobby as mine!

As other people in nail-blog world, I'm also a nail addict...but pretty late nail polish addict. But nothing is too late to start with, right!? I own only 1/3 helmar full of polishes, but I know it's already a number...and it's still growing every day, every week ;)

I'm big fan of holographic/duochrome polish.
I like glitter polishes too, but not a great fan of chunky glitters which is often found in indies polish (sorry!).
I like small/thin brush rather than wide brush.
My nail is small, I wish I have a bigger nail bed (max. size of my nail bed is only 1.3 cm!).
My best nail length is around 1.5cm, but sometimes I try to go bit more longer.
I like blue. I like green. Navy blue and dark green are definitely my color.
Red is OK. Orange, yellow...depends. Purple, I have to try much more.
Gray scales, LOVE. Pastels, not sure (I must dig in much deeply). Neons, ...why not?
I use a lot of German polishes because they are easy to reach and often cheap, but sometimes I go for US/JP polishes because luckily I have some in my stash. 

OK, this is me.
What else you'd like to know? I'm chatty girl, I'm really happy to talk with all of you; any questions/comments could be sent via blog comment or mail address as follows:


Thanks for your attention and hope you'll enjoy!!


  1. Hi, there. :)
    I´ve been following you for a while now and was wondering if you would be interested in joining the "beauty-staffellauf" that´s been spreading recently.
    (further info: http://inas-beautyblog.blogspot.ch/2012/07/inas-pinkbox-oktober-2012.html)
    I´ve just been invited and thought it´d be awesome if you participated as well (given you have some spare time).

    If you are intrigued or have any questions about this, please mail me, okay? ;)

    1. Thank you telling me about this!
      I need a bit of time to think if I'll join or not, it's very new for me and still not understanding the rule completely...especially I'm thinking to whom I'll pass by as it's "relay".

      Anyway thanks! Let me think a bit :D

    2. Basically there aren´t really rules. Just that I´d give you a topic and you´d start getting creative with it. If you don´t happen to find someone to tag, it´s not a bit deal. Right now I haven´t found someone either and even if you didn´t join, it´s okay^^
      Since there are already so many people who tagged up to 3 people there´s not a super high demand of participants.

      If you have any questions regarding this, just let me know ;)

  2. Ok, I just happened in this blog like 5 mins ago, and I already LOVE it! I subbed and like simplicity and genuine honesty you put in it. Also, I love that it's intercultural lol. I really wish that you'd checked mine too.. keep it up! I think we'll have fun together, I've followed you on twitter too.

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