Let's SWAP!!
As for everybody, swap seems to be great occasion for getting polishes which is NOT available in each country! And now I'd like to jump in such a polish swapping network... ;)

Polishes in My Hand.
As I live in Germany now, I have easy access to well-known German brands such as essence, catrice, alessandro, ANNY, BeJu, P2, etc. Getting something from current collection is easiest for me, but I also have several stock of past Limited Editions! If interested, just please send me a mail to;

nailofthisweek (at)

And RARELY I handle Japanese polishes...I'll inform it here once I could release them from my stash :D

What I'd like to get?
ANYTHING which is NOT available here in Germany!! Nails Inc, Models Own, W7, GlitterGal, Ozotic, Milani, MakeUp Store, Gosh, Layla, Pupa, KleanColor, NYX, Hits, Ludurana...and what else? :D


nailofthisweek (あっとまーく)



  1. I could offer you some italian polishes, overall of unknown brands I easely have my hands on, in exchange of any german idie or vegan brand I can't get here or internationally aka some unknown brands, but most of all I'd love some japanese ones when you are able to!!!

    1. Hmm at least no German Indie I think, as it's not easy for us to get a polish bases...well thanks for your offer!! If you really want to get something from here (probably P2 is something which is only-in-Germany) just shoot me a mail, then we can think about it :)

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